Communicating with my baby boy!


I have learned that it’s really important for me to get to know my son.  Two-way communication is so important for me to instil in my everyday life in order to achieve this.  I want to make sure that I learn his likes and dislikes and not change any of them.  I have realized that by not fully listening to my son when he is communicating with me, I am not allowing him to fully express himself.  For example, Julian had an accident and I take him to the hospital.  Julian’s only form of communicating when he is hurt is by crying (obviously).  After arriving at the hospital,  I was speaking to a nurse explaining why we were there.   While I was speaking to the nurse, an older gentleman came up to us  and started telling Julian to shush, not cry and that everything would be fine. By telling Julian to “shush” while he was crying, the gentleman was teaching Julian to not fully express himself without realizing it.  The whole time I was speaking to the nurse, I was also comforting my son.  I was telling him, “I know it hurts but I am here with you and everything is going to by alright”.  I never told him not to cry.  From my experience, I feel that kids are too often told to stop when they are crying.  I don’t want my son to think he can’t express himself by crying because it’s often viewed as a form of weakness.  Crying  is form of expression, like laughter, so when my son feels the need to express himself by crying, I will be supportive and let him stop when he is ready.  Being able to cry and let out our emotions is a natural healing process.  So, by allowing my son to cry without telling him to stop, he has healed the emotions that have made him cry.  I was raised to not express my emotions and I don’t my son to be raised the same way.



(photo by: Joseph Muscat Photography, Location: Walnut Contemporary)


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