Julian’s Suit Styled 3 Different Ways


I recently had 3 family events to attend and of course I started thinking about what Julian was going to wear.  Do I buy him 3 different outfits just to make sure that people don’t see him wearing the same thing? Obviously, cost-wise it isn’t the best option.  I wasn’t going to spend money on 3 different suits that he would probably use just once or twice. So I started thinking, do men buy different suits for each event?  I mean if they were Brad Pitt and money wasn’t an issue, then yes for sure they would.  However, our family works on a budget.  So I realized then that all I had to do was change the accessories, shirt and shoes to an existing suit and that would make a whole new outfit.

So, todays blog post is about how I dressed my son for 3 events using the same suit.  I changed the shirt, bow tie and suspenders for all 3 events and the shoes only once.  The suit I purchased from Zara (which now comes in 2 colours, navy and grey), 2 shirts are from Jacadi (blue and white) and the other dress shirt was a gift, so I am not sure where it is from (sorry). The shoes are from United Colors of Benetton and Jacadi.  The accessories, “oh I love accessories”, are from my favourite company Liv and Lily.  It’s the only place I go to for Julian’s bow ties, suspenders (and hair bands for my lovely niece).

Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think?

1st LookSuit – Zara, Dress Shirt and socksJacadi, Bow Tie and Suspenders – Liv and Lily, Shoes – United Colors of Benetton

2nd Look

Suit – Zara, Dress Shirt – Gift, Bow Tie and Suspenders – Liv and Lily, Shoes – United Colors of Benetton (not on picture)

3rd Look

Suit – Zara, Dress Shirt, socks, and shoesJacadi, Bow Tie and Suspenders – Liv and Lily


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